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PEiR Group - Profit and Education in Reprographics
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Introduction to The PEiR Group

The PEiR Group – Profit and Education in Reprographics – is a trade association for independent reprographers and reprographic vendors. PEiR’s mission is to create a large, unified group of successful reprographers able to influence and advance the industry. We will achieve this by improving the profitability, quality, technology and professionalism of every member through educational programs, strong vendor relationships, and a close relationship with the leading technology developers in our industry.

PEiR will instantly enable you to:

  • Gain access to PlanWell® systems with major discounts, and benefit from its technology partners.

  • Print worldwide through an international printing and distribution network.

  • Expand your knowledge about industry trends, technologies, and business practices via seminars, conferences and tools such as the PEiR members’ website.

  • Increase your purchasing power significantly with more than Over 40 of the finest reprographic vendors.

Any reprographer can join PEiR; there are no restrictions on size or locations. Reprographic vendors are also full partners in the association, contributing their ideas and insight to the membership in exchange for the networking and relationship-building promoted within the group. Call 925-658-9022 or Click here to request to become a member.

Office:  925-658-9022


12657 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 200

San Ramon, CA 94583

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